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Devotions: Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Alcoholism Treatment and Rehabilitation

If you are like most Americans plagued by the negative effects of alcoholism, you have probably been searching all over for help only to find yourself stuck on the same slippery slope. Perhaps you have contacted or even tried multiple alcohol treatment centers, but nothing has worked for you.

Treatment for alcoholism and your future

After experiencing the signs of alcohol dependence in you or your loved one’s life, you may wonder how you are going to overcome this.

Devotions, one of the leaders in treatment for alcoholism, developed this resource and program to help you and to answer every question you have about alcoholism. If you don’t find the information on our site, you can call in and speak to one of our counselors.

We have the answers to end alcoholism

We’ve ended the frustration and the search for the answers right here with Devotions’:

  • Alcoholism Resources
  • Psychiatrist Experienced with Alcoholism
  • Committed Clinical Staff
  • Highly Qualified Counselors and Techs
  • Privacy and Safety
  • Location and Environment
  • Personal 1 on 1 Attention

Alcohol addiction treatment + Florida

We’ve shared our inpatient or outpatient alcohol treatment with you on this site, however we’ve also saved you a place to come and visit us. We’ve provided you with everything you will need to overcome what has brought you to this place in your addiction.

You won’t have to go through treatment for alcohol abuse over and over. The first time should be the last.

It doesn’t really matter what the causes of the alcoholism were, the effects are always the same:

  • Depression
  • Withdrawal
  • Liver Disease
  • Social Problems
  • Psychological Problems
  • Physiological
  • Heart Problems
  • Long and Short Term

Dealing with denial

Whether its your own denial, or that of a loved one, it’s been one of the hardest obstacles for you to overcome. When it comes to alcohol abuse, denial ignores the implications of:

  • The experiences of alcohol poisoning
  • The negative effects alcoholism brings
  • Even hearing alcohol death statistics over and over.

Until you have gone through the process yourself, you never knew what to really expect. You haven’t know which alcohol rehab center has what it takes to help you.

Your fair chance awaits you at Devotions alcohol rehab

We’ve provided a fair chance for your new and inventive future. Our trained professionals, along with the support of counselors and other recovering addicts, have made the hope you need and are looking for available today!

  • It’s never too late to start treatment. 
  • Your life is worth a lot to us
  • We have given you the resources to start and finish your road to recovery

Once you’ve made the call to our treatment center, and after speaking to a counselor, you will have provided your insurance information or discussed other methods of payment. Our trained alcohol rehabilitation intake specialist will have already made an appointment to design a personalized treatment plan for your recovery.

Don’t try to treat yourself for alcoholism

Many addicted individuals attempt to stop drinking by themselves and without the help of professionals. Sometimes they relapse, and very rarely they are able to kick the habit for good.

However, without the help of an experienced and supportive rehabilitation clinic, they are not truly healing themselves from the pain that brought them to addiction in the first place.

It’s not just about abstination from alcohol

Recovering from alcoholism isn’t just about abstaining from alcohol.

It’s about a total transformation of the:

  • mind
  • body
  • and soul

In sobriety you’ve had success in all the emotional, mental, and physical aspects of your being. That’s what we’ve provided you here at Devotions.

We completely understand that accepting a life without ever drinking again is hard to swallow.To truly recover from alcohol dependency, you must feel a sense of self-worth and hope outside of addiction. Fortunately, our psychiatrists, therapists, counselors, and life coaches are have helped so many achieve those characteristics.

Safe, Medically Supervised Alcohol Detox

“Detox” is a word often associated with the pain and suffering of withdrawal symptoms. Many addicts give up their treatment plan before beginning detox because they fear going through withdrawal.

If you have long term abuse of alcohol and are physically dependant on it, a medical alcohol detox is necessary to remove the harmful chemicals from your system. This is a safe process in which we use non-addictive pain medication and nutritional supplements to compensate for the routine of alcohol abuse your body is so used to.

Our devoted medical professionals will be by your side for the entire process, providing you with the support and safety that you crucially need during this time. You don’t have to worry about being alone during your detoxification.

Detox is the introduction into your recovery, which is why it’s imperative that you pursue it until the end. During your detox, you will begin to participate in our rehabilitation services, which include individual and group therapy, along with diagnosing and treating any co-existing medical conditions you may have.

Dual Diagnosis for Alcoholics

We understand that mental illness can often be a huge factor in why people turn to substance abuse. Our physicians and psychiatrists have diagnosed you based on a one on one evaluation, and have established an effective treatment plan for both your addiction and your mental illness.

Our medical doctor is also a trained psychiatrist specializing in alcoholism and co occurring disorders.

Contact us today and see the lengths we’ve gone to in order for you to achieve your goals in recovery!